Well Child and Adolescent Visits

Routine visits fulfill several purposes:

  • Updating history: illness, injuries, allergies, hospitalizations
  • Assess and discuss nutrition, growth, development and behavior
  • Hearing and vision screening ages 4 and up
  • Labwork and immunizations
  • Explore changes in the child's, family's and social environment and share insights
  • Anticipatory guidance and accident prevention

Well Child Handouts:

1. Bright Futures- 1 Week Parent Handout

2. Bright Futures- 1 Month Parent Handout

3. Bright Futures- 2 Month Parent Handout

4. Bright Futures- 4 Month Parent Handout

5.Bright Futures- 6 Month Parent Handout

6.Bright Futures- 9 Month Parent Handout

7.Bright Futures- 12 Month Parent Handout

8.Bright Futures- 15 Month Parent Handout

9.Bright Futures- 18 Month Parent Handout

10.Bright Futures- 2 Years Parent Handout

11.Bright Futures- 2.5 Years Parent Handout

12.Bright Futures- 3 Years Parent Handout

13.Bright Futures- 4 Years Parent Handout

14.Bright Futures- 5 & 6 Years Parent Handout

15.Bright Futures- 7 & 8 Years Parent Handout

16. Bright Futures- 7 & 8 Years Patient Handout

17.Bright Futures- 9 & 10 Years Parent Handout

17.Bright Futures- 9 & 10 Years Patient Handout

19.Bright Futures- 11-14 Years Parent Handout

20.Bright Futures- 11-14 Years Patient Handout

21. Bright Futures- 15-17 Years Parent Handout

22.Bright Futures- 15-17 Years Patient Handout

23.Bright Futures- 18-21 Years Patient Handout

Please contact our office if you need any of these handouts in another language.  We are able to provide them in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Hmong, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  

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