Office Practices and Positions

Appointment Policies

  • Late Arrivals - For patients who are delayed and arrive late for an appointment, every effort will be made to see them the same day. However, wait times may apply, or appointments may need to be rescheduled.
  • No Show/Late Cancellation Policy - We require a minimum of 24 hour notice for any well visit cancellations and a minimum of 2 hour notice for any sick visit cancellations. A $50 charge will be applied for any appointment with less than 2 hour notice of cancellation or a "No show". For New Patient appointments the fee is $75.

Vaccine Position

Our practice follows the CDC schedule of recommended vaccines which is also endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics. If your family does not plan to obtain recommended vaccines for your child then our pediatric practice is not the right medical home for your child. For more detailed information on our office policy, please see this letter

Primary Provider Position

At our practice we do not require you to see the same provider for all your well visits. You may choose a preferred doctor to see for your well visits or change who you see each time. However for sick visits, since they are usually scheduled on the same day, you may have to see whichever doctor has availability in their schedule that day. Therefore we encourage you to schedule well visits with different providers so that you can get to know them and feel more comfortable seeing them for sick visits.

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Hours of Operation

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