Expecting Parents/Newborns

Prenatal Visits

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended all prenatal visits in the office. To find out more about our practice, please call us at (301) 681-6730 and we will be more than happy to assist you by phone.** 

We offer prenatal visits for expectant parents. These visits provide information about Pediatric and Adolescent Care of Silver Spring as well as our doctors, nurse practitioner and staff. Some early baby-related issues are discussed, along with our practice philosophy and some of our procedures. A tour of our office is included. Our pediatric nurses lead group prenatal sessions a few times each month. On request, an individual prenatal visit with a pediatrician may be arranged. Please call us at 301.681.6730 to schedule a prenatal visit or to find out more about our practice.

Pre-adoption Visits

Adoptive parents are encouraged to contact our office in anticipation of adopting a child. We do offer pre-adoption consultations with one of our pediatricians. In addition to providing information about our practice, these visits can provide the opportunity to discuss general issues about adoption and/or international adoption. Any known medical problems or concerns about a potentially adoptive child may be discussed. Please call our office to arrange such a consultation. At the time of adoption, a comprehensive initial visit and physical examination is typically scheduled.

Newborn Hospital Visits

All of the pediatricians of Pediatric and Adolescent Care of Silver Spring have admitting privileges at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring. If parents inform the staff at Holy Cross Hospital that our practice will be the pediatricians for your baby, we will be notified of the birth and will visit and examine the baby in the hospital. The pediatrician’s visit will be within 24 hours of the baby’s birth; we usually also do a second examination before discharge. In addition, the excellent neonatologists at Holy Cross are available to assist with any urgent newborn care required at the time of delivery or later in the hospital stay.

It is common for our new infant patients to be delivered at many other hospitals throughout the DC area. They are usually cared for by the staff pediatricians at these hospitals. A written summary is usually provided to bring to your baby’s first visit in our office. We are available to communicate with parents or doctors at other hospitals, should any special concerns arise. At the time of discharge, call our office to schedule a first newborn visit at our office.

Newborn Office Visits

Newborn infants are typically seen in our office within a few days of discharge from the hospital. All newborns are seen for a routine visit when the baby is 7-10 days old. In addition, many newborns should be seen within a couple of days of discharge; this early newborn visit is recommended if the baby is a family’s firstborn or if there are any concerns about feeding, weight loss, jaundice or other problems. Please discuss the timing of the first visit with the discharging doctor at the hospital or contact our office to discuss and schedule an appointment.  (Infants who are born at a non-hospital birthing center or at home need to be examined in our office in their first 24 hours of life — call our office as soon as possible after the birth.)

Lactation Consultations

Our practice is committed to supporting breastfeeding for infants. All of our pediatricians and nurses are available to assist with breastfeeding questions and concerns. Our pediatric nurse practitioner, Tamara M. Buckley MSN, PNP, is a certified lactation consultant. Lactation consultation visits may be scheduled with Mrs. Buckley. These visits are extended appointments during which she assists the mother and infant in all aspects of breastfeeding. These consultations can be extremely helpful in establishing successful breastfeeding during an infant’s first few days of life.