Office Reminders

Hello Friends – Happy New Year!!

We trust that you are all healthy and safe. We are available and eager to help keep your family healthy during these winter months and challenging times.

We just wanted to update you on a few things…


Did You Know? Flu Shots are still available and appropriate to receive.
Flu Shots are still available by appointment only. If you have not gotten your child(ren) immunized, now is the time. It is more important then ever this winter to protect yourselves from the flu during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Anyone 6 months of age and older are eligible to receive the Flu Vaccine. Call us today at (301) 681-6730 to get your child(ren) scheduled!
Did You Know? Virtual Visits are available!
Virtual Visits are still available for acute and chronic issues. If you haven’t been able to make time in the past, now is the perfect opportunity to have that discussion you have been putting off with your child’s provider.
Some examples of what virtual visits can be used for:
* Medication Refill Appointments
* ADHD Rechecks
* Asthma Rechecks
* Behavior Concerns
* Chronic Problems
* Rashes
* Acne
* Developmental Concerns
* Healthy Living Visits
* Nutrition
*COVID-19 Exposure/Concerns
and MORE!
Did You Know? Regular preventative and well care is important and available.
We are open and ready to keep your child healthy this year! Keep your child up to date on their immunizations, developmental screenings, and mental health check-in by scheduling a check-up today!
We are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our patients while in the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Did You Know? There are more options available for COVID-19 testing.
We now have a partnership with Bio Reference Privia lab in Gaithersburg for COVID-19 testing. Covid-19 test collection with prompt available results are provided, which allows us to provide even better care for your child.
An order is required, so call the office at (301) 681-6730 and ask to speak with a nurse today if you feel your child needs to be tested for COVID-19 so an order can be placed.
Did You Know? COVID vaccines are coming!
We are hopeful and excited that the emergence of COVID-19 vaccines will lead to the control of this terrible pandemic. We fully support the use of vaccines that have received “Emergency Use Authorization”, which are currently being made available for high-risk populations.
Approval for use of COVID-19 vaccines in young children (under the age of 16) is still likely a few months away — trials are still underway.
We have taken the appropriate steps and have been approved by the State of Maryland to administer COVID-19 vaccines to our patients when the time comes. However, there is not a current timetable for the State of Maryland to distribute the vaccine to primary care providers; it still may be some time before the vaccine will be available for us to administer.
We will keep you up to date.
For our adolescent and young adult patients (16 years and over) who may be in a high-risk category, we are available to help determine options for obtaining the vaccine — contact us if you need help.
Most importantly, stay informed on the progress of vaccine availability!
For the most up to date information, keep an eye out on our website.
Stay healthy and safe… and don’t forget we are here for you!