Flu Shots Now Available — By Appointment Only


(No Walk-Ins accepted — MUST have an appointment)

We have a few options for you to choose from below on how to receive the Flu Vaccine:

Option 1:

Call the office and schedule an appointment (no walk-ins accepted) for a Wednesday or Thursday (Except when the office is closed). Each family member WILL need to be schedule for an appointment in advance. Unfortunately, we are unable to register any additional family members in office.

There is a $35.00 fee/per parent (see “Billing and Insurance” below for more information).

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time and call from the parking lot to complete your visit intake. Due to the rapid pace of the Flu Shot clinic we will be unable to accommodate late patients and you may be asked to reschedule.

Once you arrive for your appointment, CALL FROM THE PARKING LOT PRIOR to entering the office to complete your intake over the phone and we will let you know when it is time for you to come into the office.

Option 2:

Flu Shots can be given at scheduled well visit appointments for “add-on” siblings or parents.

ALL family members MUST register at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled well visit appointment. Unfortunately, we will be unable to register any additional family members in office.

There is a $35.00 fee/per parent (see “Billing and Insurance” below for more information).

There needs to be TWO adults present for this option. Once you arrive for your appointment, ONE parent and the patient(s) with the scheduled well visit(s) will enter the office and check in at the front desk for the ENTIRE family. When the medical assistant is ready and able she will call the family member(s) receiving the Flu Vaccine only into the office to receive their shot(s). When they are done receiving the Flu Vaccine, they will then return to the car for the remainder of the well visit appointment(s).


It is very important that you have discussions with your child(ren) prior to coming in for the Flu Vaccine so that they will be prepared. For everyone’s safety – we need to minimize the time in the office; and due to the limited amount of time allotted for each appointment, we are unable to allow extra time for such discussions in the office. We may ask you to reschedule if we are not able to give the vaccine in a timely manner.



Patients – Insurance will be billed

Parents – $35.00, due at time of service/scheduling; Parents choosing to obtain their own flu vaccines at our office do so with the acknowledgement that they have opted to do so outside of their insurance coverage. We are unable to engage in insurance billing, documentation or refunds. A receipt will be given upon request for FLEX plans or for personal records. We will not be offering a receipt for insurance reimbursement.