Well Child and Adolescent Visits

Well Child and Adolescent Visits

Routine visits fulfill several purposes:

  • Updating history: illness, injuries, allergies, hospitalizations
  • Assess and discuss nutrition, growth, development and behavior
  • Hearing and vision screening ages 4 and up
  • Labwork and immunizations
  • Explore changes in the child’s, family’s and social environment and share insights
  • Anticipatory guidance and accident prevention

Well ChildĀ Handouts:

Less Than 7 Day Handout

10 Day Handout

One Month Handout

Two Month Handout

4 Month Handout

Six Month Visit

Nine Month Handout

12 Month Handout

15 Month Visit

18 Month Handout

2 Year Handout

30 Month Handout

Three Year Handout

4-5 Year Handout

6-9 Year Handout

Ten-Eleven Year Handout

12-14 Year Handout

15-18 Year Old Handout